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Tuesday 11 December 2007

tablet-encode v2.15 - now with GUI

tablet-encode v2.15 is now available to download, making it even easier to convert your videos to a format suitable for the Nokia Internet Tablets.

The primary enhancement in this release is the addition of a simple GUI mode, in addition to the full-power of the command line from previous versions:

width="174" height="124" alt="[Selecting an input video]"
title="Selecting an input video" />

The GUI is entirely optional: if you have the gtk2-perl bindings installed it will be opened if you don't specify any command line options. You can also get a progress bar up, if you pass --gui in along with your command line options. This is particularly suitable when putting tablet-encode in to your "Send To" menu.

There are a number of other small enhancements, thanks to all those who gave input or contributed patches. Full details are in the change log.


  1. Great program !!!
    The latest 2.15 gives this error on Mandriva 2008.0 :

    $ ./tablet-encode --gui
    Gdk-ERROR **: g_thread_init() must be called before gdk_threads_init() at ./tablet-encode line 96.

  2. 2.18 works fine!

    Really good quality of video. N810 displays avi without any lags!