[Jaffa Software]

Sunday 9 October 2016

WimpWorks v2.39 released: compatible with RISC OS zero page protection

WimpWorks, our RISC OS integrated development environment for desktop app production, has been updated to version 2.39 to fix a couple of bugs that resulted in zero-page access.

The current development version of RISC OS, 5.23, is bringing in zero-page protection to increase the system's resilience to system crashes and causes errors in programs that attempt to access it. Although WimpWorks' access to zero-page wasn't the cause of any crashes as far as we were aware, we welcome the incrased strictness of the system.

Users who have WimpWorks v2.30 or above can upgrade online for free. Users of earlier versions can upgrade for a small fee.

A fully-featured demo version of WimpWorks is available for free and is compatible with all RISC OS 3 machines and above, the full version is only £39.99, and it is also part of the NutPi bundle from RISC OS Open Ltd. for the Raspberry Pi.