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Sunday 12 January 2014

MyFord Touch: LCARS wallpaper

I'm not (too) ashamed to admit to being a sci-fi geek and, in particular, Star Trek. On my current assignment, I've had a few rental cars with a Ford Fusion (a Mondeo in the UK) being the latest.

With a large touchscreen, running "SYNC by Microsoft", the MyFord Touch software is generally regarded as pretty poor with a litany of upgrades breaking or removing functionality, and long promised items - such as the "AppLink" available on the non-Touch system - being undelivered.

However, it does have one nice feature: you can provide your own 800x384 pixel wallpaper for the home screen. Googling turned up a few nice ones, but none provided the look I wanted. So, an evening spent with the GIMP produced:

Which, in place, looks really effective:

The phone is mounted using a Mountek nGroove Snap and Google Nexus charger, and is running 6 LCARS (available for both Android and iOS) in this screenshot, though it tends to be running Ulysses Speedometer and Google Maps when actually moving.