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Friday 23 November 2007

N810 not available until December?

[Delays likely]According to gbuergisser, Nokia Europe have told him: "the N810 will not be available for a few weeks (December for sure) in Europe."

This fits with the NokiaUSA.com date of 2007-12-19. As zerojay's said, we're getting stuff cheap so shouldn't complain (too much), but it is frustrating. Users are getting N810s from retailers in the US, but no-one on the device programme have been able to get one yet. This is frustrating to end-users as they've got no software, and it's frustrating to the lucky 500 watching people get them before them and then moaning there's no software.

Fortunately Quim Gil's recognised this, but we're still pretty much in the dark on actual dates and why it's been delayed in some markets from the original mid-November date.


  1. One change I think from last time, is that Nokia Europe, i.e. direct.nokia.com no longer ship to the UK. Those in the UK with codes, I think will need to rely on Nokia UK shop shop.nokia.co.uk to handle the codes and shipping. As yet no mention of the N810 on shop.nokia.co.uk

  2. I have just found that play.com expect delivery on the 5th December.


  3. when n810 is available on december i am gonna got carazy about that mobile??!

  4. hi
    i want to purchase b810 in uk (london)
    this mobile is avaible in the london
    if yes then pls repaly me