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Monday 19 November 2007

mediaserv + tablet-encode = mediautils

My command-line video conversion script, 770-encode is very widely used; however its name is obviously something of an anachronism. So with the imminent availability of the N810, it was time to rename it. Welcome, tablet-encode. This new name also comes with a major new version, including a number of long-standing patches from people being applied, such as multiple-file support.

I've also put it, along with mediaserv in a new garage.maemo.org project: mediautils.

Finally, mediaserv has gotten a v0.05 release which fixes a number of small bugs (thanks to all those who reported them) and makes it aware of both tablet-encode and 770-encode as potential encoders it can use.

More information, and links to the Garage downloads can be found at: http://mediautils.garage.maemo.org/

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  1. Indeed, your script is a mighty fine application and it is a major reason why I like my Nokia tablet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Now I only hope that some day, a successor to the N810 will be able to play fullscreen divx or mpeg2 video @ 30fps... That'd be my personal portable killer app.