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Sunday 28 October 2007

mediaserv: v0.04 and demo

mediaserv has now reached v0.04. Thanks to everyone for providing feedback. Here's a demo of my N800 playing back a DVD rip in 720x576 1000kbps video, 192kbps audio DivX off a 1GHz Via C3 processor box transcoding to 770-encode's "average" preset:

Download: mediaserv-0.04.tar.gz (29KB)

Its main features now include:

  • On-demand transcoding of videos.
  • Easy-to-use web UI, and integration with Video Center.
  • Playback in standard Media Player or mplayer, depending on the configuration of your Web Browser and/or Video Center.
  • Automatic thumbnail generation.
  • Meta-data from MythTV and Freevo for subtitles and descriptions.
  • Tested on Linux, Mac OS X and other Unix-like OSes.

It's fully documented, but obviously since it's only v0.04 there are almost certainly still bugs and enhancements which can be made. So comments are, as ever, welcome.


  1. Hi, you have done a great work. Have you heard about gmythstream? It does a similar job.

  2. Yeah, the trouble with gmythstream is that it is designed around MythTV's proprietary protocol.

    mediaserv aims to be as open as possible, using standard protocols and not tied to any one back-end video provider.

  3. Hi, On 770, webserver stops responding and video hangs while buffering. The log file says waiting for data from test.mpg.avi.

  4. Unforutnately, I don't have a 770 anymore with which to test it, so will require technical feedback (and, more specifically, patches) from people who do.

    Alternatively, I believe streaming videos like this works much better in ITOS2007HE, but again - I've not tried that.

  5. I get the same Error as rupesh and im using a N800 OS2007, when I try to stream a file it just waits on buffering, the error on Mediaserv log files are:

    Waiting for data from data/multimedia/test.avi.avi...
    2007/11/17 05:03:28 6014 - NOTE! sysread() on closed filehandle IN at ./mediaserv line 722.
    2007/11/17 05:03:28 6014 - NOTE! Use of uninitialized value in numeric gt (>) at ./mediaserv line 723.

    im using Fiesty Ubuntu server

  6. Does 770-encode work on the file if you run it directly?

    The error handling if 770-encode fails is sub-optimal in this version.

  7. Yep, seems to encode the video and doesn't put out any errors.