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Saturday 29 March 2008

tablet-encode v2.18 - with much improved DVD ripping

tablet-encode has had v2.18 released. Notable new features in this release include:

  • A new "mplayer" preset with a very high bitrate.
  • Ability to define your own presets and options in ~/.tablet-encode.conf.
  • Ability to rip all the episodes off a DVD with a single option.
  • Add support for Freevo FXD files as pointers to the actual video.

The --episodes option is particularly cool; ripping a TV series' DVD (for, say, a long flight) is now a 3-step process:

  1. Attach N810 via USB.
  2. Insert DVD to computer.
  3. Run:
    tablet-encode --episodes dvd: /media/nokia-sd/Video/

It's hard to imagine it being any easier! Of course, at some point the GUI should support showing you thumbnails of each of the titles so you can select the ones you want to rip. If anyone's got any time, and experience with Perl Gtk+, I'd be happy to accept some help in improving the GUI version.

I'd also like to thank GeneralAntilles, rm_you, Marius Gedminas, Mike Lococo and divinerites for all their help with this release.


  1. wow!!! thats totally great!

    thx for that!


  2. What do you do with the .gz file?

  3. extrct the gz fille with .rar format software and also i need help to. i get blank page when i opened it .does anyone know how to install it?

  4. I also downloaded this and can't figure out how to install it. I extracted the gz and ended up with three files, two of which are an unknown file type in Window XP. The readme file states:
    * mencoder - http://www.mplayerhq.hu/
    * mplayer - http://www.mplayerhq.hu/ (optional)
    * Gtk2::Perl - http://gtk2-perl.sourceforge.net/ (optional)
    * Perl - see http://www.activestate.com/ for Windows version

    But this is a fox-hunt to try and find the right files to download at those links for a Windows machine.

    Can a non-techie simply describe what I need to do? I'm sure from all I've read that this is a great application, I just wish the uninformed masses could use it without having to obtain a computer sciences degree. :)