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Sunday 9 March 2008

Improving application start-up: mockup

A quick follow-up to my post on improving application start-up usability. I've done a very rough & ready mockup:

A higher-quality (but not any better put together) AVI can be downloaded (333KB).


  1. Ok, yes. This is fancy. Although it may gave the impression of speed it does not add much to the maemo experience much. How about we worry abour more important things like a thumb pad that pails in comparison to the iphones. Or how about the ability to arrange my bookmarks in browser? Or even flash's inability to use the camera and microphone like a normal nix distro? Or my favorite, Nokia selecting to use a closed source wifi chipset? This is the biggest diissappointment to new n800 users who dream of using it for security auditing, the lack of packet injection in the wifi driver. So how about you use your clout to urge Nokia to pressure the wifu chip maker into open sourcing the driver so the n800/810/os2008 market can really explode?

    Who actually uses their fm tuner anyways? ok, me once,....

  2. Nicely done. Perception of UI speed is hugely important. Anything that maemo can do to help users _feel_ like the device is faster is good. (Of course, real app-start perf improvements are important too ;)

    I wonder if you could make it 'feel' even faster by having the faked up file-manager shell fade in over a longer period of time to give the real app another bit of time to start up.

  3. hmm, while i was initially skeptical, this may work.

    but i think i would delay the showing of the image a bit. right now its:


    so one is just about starting to wonder if something is wrong as the real app shows up.

    also, maybe one could do a video without the ordinary loading indicator. with both its a bit overkill...

  4. Yes, this works.

    turn_self_off: I disagree about the overkill. The incomplete window would look like an application bug without the animated loading message.