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Tuesday 13 October 2009

Downloading Ovi Maps without a network connection

Unlike Navicore/Wayfinder on previous Maemo devices, Ovi Maps on the N900 downloads maps on demand. This is obviously a problem if you're going somewhere abroad and don't want to pay extortionate data roaming charges.

Fortunately, S60 Ovi Maps users also have the same problem, and the solution is straightforward:

  1. Scroll down this post to Direct Links for Ovi Map Version and download the maps for the countries you are interested in. (EDIT: updated to different blog post)
  2. Unzip the maps into cities/diskcache on the big VFAT partition (mounted under MyDocs) on your N900.
  3. That's it!

Some of the files you may already have, I've chosen to overwrite them; YMMV.

However, as far as I can tell, searching for locations still requires a network connection :-(


  1. Seems there is no Linux or Maemo version of that application yet?

  2. You don't need to download any application, except a tool to unzip.

    We're already discussing on #maemo a little tool which'll do the download on device, however you can do it either at the command line on an N900 or any USB-connected machine (running Linux, OS X or Windows).

  3. Are version to install in mameo diablo - n810??

  4. Diablo uses Wayfinder, the maps for these are downloadable from their own website:


  5. This article makes no sense:
    "Fortunately, S60 Ovi Maps users also have the same problem, and the solution is straightforward"?

    Why do Maemo users care about an S60 application?

  6. @Fu: I've edited the post to make it more clear, however "makes no sense" isn't very constructive, is it?

    The N900 has Ovi Maps. So does S60. Both usually download the maps as you need them. The above page linked to above has a list of zip files available for download containing all the data for specific countries.

  7. This is great, exactly what I'm looking for since Map Loader doesn't support the N900 (yet?) Has anyone actually tested this on the N900 and confirmed that it works? Exactly which features are (or aren't) available without a data connection? It says that searching locations doesn't work, but how about routing? If I browse to a location on the map and set it as part of a route, does it properly show driving/walking directions with visual lines on the map and textual directions on the side? Thanks!