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Wednesday 7 February 2007

N800 FM radio

As rumoured on maemo-developers and ITT, the N800 does have an FM radio... and there's a Nokia application to use it. (Found by Jens Becker: here)

It's in the certified tableteer repository, but it can be installed straight from the deb: fmradio_1.2.0_armel.deb.

Once installed, you have to start fmradio direct from an XTerm, or enable the new "FM Radio" home applet. Headphones are required to act as an aerial, but you can choose to output to the built-in-speakers or the headphones with toolbar buttons.


  1. It works - although the volume seems a bit low. The N800 could now be made a clock radio, if it could be possible to run it from a Calendar alarm! This would be absolutely superb.

  2. I noted an increase in volume when launched as applet. First run from xterm was low volume.

  3. I have found that yes the FMRadio works, but not very well , at least where I am. I received nothing but static on known good channels, On a hunch I added my headphones and was able to receive, but still with a lot of static over the stations.

  4. I just saw the comments about the headphones required as an areal, any suggestions as to cable length? as I get mostly static.
    Scratch.... Using the headset that came with the N800 made a huge difference. Apparently the 3rd contact used for Microphone is required vs standard head phones only. Awsome!! It's always nice to find something as cool as this, when it wasn't expected.

  5. I don't find that the third contact is necessary for good reception. But as with any FM radio, being inside; aerial position etc. make a big difference.

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