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Wednesday 24 October 2007

mediaserv updated: now actually useful

Thanks to everyone who gave me lots of good, positive, constructive feedback on the first version of mediaserv. I've just uploaded mediaserv-v0.02.tar.gz (24KB) where:

  • The 770-encode preset can be specified.
  • The location of 770-encode can be specified.
  • Video Center config files are created, should make adding directories to Video Center that much easier.
  • Usage counting works: so transcoding stops when nothing is reading from the result.
  • A bug whereby the reading could fall off the end of the result has been fixed: if you had videos stopping too soon, this is almost certainly it.
  • Quick links to the RSS feed and Video Center configs added at the top of the page.
  • Hidden files and directories are not shown, instead a breadcrumb trail is created in the banner.

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