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Saturday 15 December 2007

N810 thoughts

Although the discount codes aren't working yet, I've managed to play with an N810 (which may well end up becoming my wife's). Here are some random thoughts:

  • It's thin. Much thinner than I was expecting. Although you definitely notice the heavier weight compared with an N800. It's not too heavy, though.
  • The brushed metal and styling generally is very nice. I love the look of this thing, and not having the d-pad on the front makes it that much neater.
  • I keep hitting "Escape" when trying to hit the "Home" key on the side when switching between browser windows. Escape in the browser causes it to go back. Doh!
  • The keyboard is nice, not as nice as an Eee's (of course), but much better than the thumb keyboard. Fortunately, I don't have fingers that are that fat, so the well-commented lack of space above the top row isn't too irksome.
  • The GPS didn't take too long to acquire it's initial lock (I left it out in the garden for 5 minutes this morning). Acquiring a new lock takes a few seconds when it's just tucked (upright) in one of the compartments below the dashboard on my car. Very happy with that, what with all the worries about lock time acquisition.
  • The car mount comes with no instructions whatsoever. I've worked out that you can pop the back off the N810-specific bit to bolt that on to the stand; but the stand itself has to be screwed into a dashboard. That ain't happening on my car. No sir. It looks like it should be possible to get a sucker-style or clip-style stand; but whether these are separately sold - and where - is unknown.
  • I often get my nail between the keyboard and the screen, rather than the keyboard and the flip stand. Again, a little irritating.
  • Media playback is better than ever. Although there's a nasty bug whereby it forgets it knows how to play a file: #2565.
  • Talking of bugs, there're a few irritating ones:

    • #2564: No consistency on scrolling/scrollbars in bundled OS2008 applications
    • #2567: Maps should restart showing your previous location, not the country at a zoomed out level
    • #2568: Menu icons for newly installed software are not shown at correct size

Overall, very impressed. Get one if you haven't got an N800 already.


  1. hi! i was wondering if you knew anyone in the maemo community who would be interested in creating with me a 360Fashion 810 reader, so that the reader can have interesting fashion content for women! do you know where i may be able to post such a request?

  2. I think you can get a car clip stand to work with the N810 bundled mount. The N810 mount is a Brodit. Have a look on their website, they have what looks like a clip to fit on your vents, http://www.brodit.com/

    They don't sell direct, but I have found this UK website for consumers, www.incargear.com


  3. proclipusa.com sells the perfect car mount solution for the n810 which doen't require screws.

    thoughtfix even made a video about it:

  4. I got a suction-mount stalk at best Buy thatmates up perfectly to the N810 cradle. I had to add screws though. It's no big deal to adapt over.

    I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones bothered by the narrow keyboard gap. I just can't udnerstand why it wasn't, say, twice as high to be on the safe side. The N95 got it right... why not the N810?

  5. I really wish they'd had the keyboard slide 1/2" more and add number keys on their own row. This would have also allowed for a right-hand "fn" shift key.

    Also would like scroll wheels or touch bars apps could attach to. The recessed screen frequently makes scrolling difficult with a finger and I have to get out the stylus.

  6. In the US, letstalk.com has the Nokia HH-12 windshield mount. I received mine last week. Works well, as expected, with the mount adapter included with the N810. Just be sure to use the short screw included with the N810, not the long one included with the HH-12.

    LetsTalk also has Nokia branded car and AC adapters.